20 Facts About Me

Hi everyone!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged last. Woah! That’s crazy! haha I need to start blogging more and taking time out to blog. Hopefully, this year I don’t slack, but I don’t know since it is senior year and im off to college in a few months. So enough talking lets get on into the blog!

20 Facts about Niha Mitha!!!!

1. I am seventeen years old!
2. I am a Pisces!
 My birthday is March 15(It’s coming up!!!)
3. I am 4 foot 10 inches!
      I am very short for my age, but it’s okay! I love being fun- sized!!!
4. I love to travel
I have been to about 15 countries around the world. I love to go on adventures around this beautiful world as well as learn about the many different cultures and religions.
5. I want to become a travel doctor and blogger/photographer( whatever I decide in the future)
6. I love to try different coffee and tea
  Coffee and tea and literally the best drinks ever. Whenever I go to a country or local area, I check if theres coffee or tea and get it.
7. I love One Tree Hill
  One Tree Hill is that one tv show I have rewatched at least 3 times. It’s such a good show and I recommend that show to anyone.
8. I love Bollywood and Pakistani TV shows and movies
9. I love to use Pinterest.
  Just look up Niha Mitha and you will find my account!!
10. I have at least 121 streaks on snapchat!
  Y’all should start a streak with me! My username is nihaaa15
11. I am an Ismaili Muslim.
12. I have met a famous person in real life!
  I met Mika Singh in real life. It was pretty cool. In fact, he follows me on Instagram!
13. I want to go skydiving!!
  My parents get really scared when I say I want to go skydiving, but it’s the top on my bucket list.
14. I love Harry Potter
15. I don’t like Star Wars
  Yeah whenever I say I don’t like Star Wars, I always get hate since Star Wars is so good. I guess I never understand the hypeness.
16. I am a Falcons fan
  I am from Georgia and love my Falcons
17. I love Starbucks, Chick Fil a and Dunkin!
18. I love meeting new people and want to create a positive influence on the world someday
19. My name means love and affection
20. I love this whole world and am fortunate to have an amazing life.

I hope you all enjoyed these facts about me! Hope you guys have a wonderful day!!!
Niha Mitha

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