Universal Islands of Adventure Travel Diary!

Hello everyone!! My name is Niha! If you’re new to this blog channel, what are waiting for? Subscribe!!! So on Labor Day weekend, we went to Universals Islands of Adventure located in Orlando, Florida!! We got there Sunday and came back Monday, but it was so much fun. The amusement park seemed so magical.  There were different parks within the amusement park. The islands we went to were Harry Potter land, Marvels themed park, The Lorax, and The King Kong park. I thought all of it was so pretty, but if I had to choose, I’d say Harry Potter land because I love Harry Potter. I will post multiple pictures below!!

When I watched the Lorax, I was obsessed! I have rewatched this movie a bunch of times and am still obsessed! I setting of the movie fascinated me. It felt so magical which I find in a lot of Disney movies.
This part of the amusement park was based on the movie King Kong.
This was the Harry Potter land! It was my favorite because I am a Harry Potter fan girl! If you ever go to the Harry Potter land, try their Butter Beer. It’s not an alcoholic drink. Don’t worry, but it’s worth trying. This made me feel like a wizard because this place is honestly so magical.


My sister is the one in the pink shirt and my cousin is the one in the middle. They both made this trip a blast!


Hogwats castle
Honestly, the Hogwarts castle is such a beauty

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini travel diary! Be sure to keep a look out for some new blog posts!!

Lots of  love,

Niha Mitha




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