Shop With Me for a Day!!!

Hello everyone!!

This blog will be all about how I spent my Saturday. Today, my cousin, mom,sister and I got up and decided to go to Victoria’s Secret. I had a coupon and wanted to buy stuff. When we went to Victoria’s Secret, we realized that the Semi-Annual sale was still going on. Even though the sale has been going on for days, we still were able to buy so much! Afterwards, they all went to Your Pie with my dad and dropped me at Sprouts because I am fasting. Went around Sprouts and explored.I bought this macchiato granola.My sister said it tastes like coffee flavored granola, so I am excited to try it when it is time to finish fast. Anyways, when my mom picked me up, she said “Niha we’re going back for shopping!” I was so happy! We then went to Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret. We bought more and enjoyed shopping! Overall, I am blessed because I get I have so much. I am so grateful for everything and everyone in my life. It’s a blessing. My word of advice is that you should always be grateful. Always smile and be happy. It was so much spending time with my sister, mom and cousin!163D7B92-7B22-4C06-98D4-9E5F8293933D

Hope you all loved my blog and love you all,

Niha Mitha



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