How To Make Your Own Acai Bowl

Hello everyone!! This blog will be about how to create your own Acai Bowl! Acai Bowls are really thick smoothies in a bowl. Also, you can add topping. For example, you can add granola, peanut butter, and berries.  Earlier this week I decided to make one after a long day of fasting. During the month of Ramadan, I usually fast. When I went to Kroger, I found Acai and was motivated to create a bowl. Now lets get started!!FullSizeRender


Bananas(both regular and frozen)




Acai (Frozen packs)




Silk Dairy Free Yogurt(Thats what I used, but you can whatever type of yogurt you like)



Blender  (Can be found on amazon)



  1. Put the Acai berry Packet,frozen banana and 1/4 Silk Dairy Free Yogurt in the blender.
  2. Blend everything till it is smooth
  3. Afterwards, get a bowl and pour the entire thick smoothie in the bowl
  4. Get your desired topping and arrange them
  5. Take a lovely picture and enjoy your Acai Bowl!


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