5 Things to Do Over the Summer At Home!!!!!

Summer is here!!!It’s that time of the year when everyone goes on vacation. I love to travel, but I also love to enjoy my Summer at home. Here are 5 tips you should try to have a fun filled Summer even in your hometown!!!

  1. GO SWIMMING!!!!benchwarmers885x544low

Go to your neighborhood pool with friends and family!!! It is always fun to go swimming and another bonus is you get your exercise in while swimming. Also, find a local lake or beach near you and enjoy there! It’s always fun to be in the water.

2. Start a new TV series!!!!netflix-sign

Usually on a boring day, I watch Netflix.Even though itmay not seem exciting, but it’s always fun to watch a new TV series. Also, it helps keep a conversation with others.You can always catch up with friends while talking about a TV series. In fact, arrange a day to  watch a TV series a whole day. For example, finish watching 13 Reasons Why.

3. Hang out with friends!


This is a perfect time to hang out with friends! Catch up with an old friend this summer. Go Bowling,Swimming or just grab a lunch together! I love having out with my friends:)

4. Go on a road trip


I love going on road trips!! Though we travel internationally a lot, I still get excited when going on road trips. It can even be a two hour drive, but it is always fun!

5. Go watch a movie


Go to the movies and watch a movie!! I love watching movies. It’s always fun watching different movies.Go find a movie,eat some popcorn, and enjoy!


Hope you all have fun during the Summer. Don’t always stay at home. Go shopping, watch a movie, or hang out with friends! Make this a memorable summer.

Love you all,

Niha Mitha



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