Universal Islands of Adventure Travel Diary!

Hello everyone!! My name is Niha! If you’re new to this blog channel, what are waiting for? Subscribe!!! So on Labor Day weekend, we went to Universals Islands of Adventure located in Orlando, Florida!! We got there Sunday and came back Monday, but it was so much fun. The amusement park seemed so magical.  There were different parks within the amusement park. The islands we went to were Harry Potter land, Marvels themed park, The Lorax, and The King Kong park. I thought all of it was so pretty, but if I had to choose, I’d say Harry Potter land because I love Harry Potter. I will post multiple pictures below!!

When I watched the Lorax, I was obsessed! I have rewatched this movie a bunch of times and am still obsessed! I setting of the movie fascinated me. It felt so magical which I find in a lot of Disney movies.
This part of the amusement park was based on the movie King Kong.
This was the Harry Potter land! It was my favorite because I am a Harry Potter fan girl! If you ever go to the Harry Potter land, try their Butter Beer. It’s not an alcoholic drink. Don’t worry, but it’s worth trying. This made me feel like a wizard because this place is honestly so magical.


My sister is the one in the pink shirt and my cousin is the one in the middle. They both made this trip a blast!


Hogwats castle
Honestly, the Hogwarts castle is such a beauty

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini travel diary! Be sure to keep a look out for some new blog posts!!

Lots of  love,

Niha Mitha




Why I haven’t been blogging

Hey everyone!! I am so sorry for not blogging for the last two months! It’s been so stressful cause I have marching band, college applications, AP and regular classes, and lots more! Whenever we have a break, I am out somewhere or traveling. Also, I want to take a second and pray for those who experienced anything to do with the hurricanes or Vegas incident. Be humble, be kind, love everyone. I have some neat projects coming up. Please keep a look out for my Universal Islands of Adventure blog post! I promise it’s coming soon and can’t wait to post it! Hopefully, it will be in the next week or maybe tomorrow. I just need put the photos and upload.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Love you all,

Niha Mitha


I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!! I am back! I am so sorry for not blogging, but I promise I will! I am still working on creating a YouTube channel, but hopefully I will get it in the next month! Mexico was so much fun! I will have a blog on that in less than a week! I started school last week and am ready to take senior year on! I will show you all some pictures from my summer vacation!


Love you all,

Niha Mitha

Traveling next week!!!!

Good Afternoon everyone!

I am so sorry for not blogging much lately. I have been really busy. In fact, next week is going to be so fast for me because I leave next week for Mexico. I have been to Mexico three times and I have liked it every time! This time we will be in Cozumel. In addition, we will be on a cruise to Mexico, but before that, we will stop at Key West, Florida. Fun fact is that I have been to Key West also. We will be cruising with Carnival Sensation! Also, I will be creating a Youtube channel sometime soon. It will start off with traveling. Then, I will start do tips, routines, beauty and lots more fun videos. Lastly, I will still try my best to blog frequently! See you in my next blog

Love you all,

Niha Mitha

Eid Al-Fitr

Hey everyone,

Eid Mubarak! Hope you all are having lovely day! Yesterday was Eid Al-Fitr. I love whenever there is Eid on a Sunday because I get to participate in the celebrations. Fun fact!!! There are four Eids which we celebrate.

What are the four Eids?

-Eid Al-Fitr: This Eid is for the end of the month of Ramadan. After a whole month of fasting, we celebrate by having Eid. It is considered one of the most important and well-known Eids amongst them four.

-Eid Al-Adha: The importance of this Eid is to show Prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son,Prophet Ishmael, to Allah. However,in the Quran, it is said that Allah replaced a sheep with his son before the sacrifice. Also, this Eid is well known because this Eid starts  on the 10th day of Dhu-al Hijjah and lasts for three days. Usually, Muslims perform Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca where the Holy Kaba is located.

-Eid Al-Ghadir: The significance of this Eid is when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) appointed the next leader. After the prophet passed away, some believed that Hazrat Ali (pbuh) should be the leader, but others thought that Hazrat Abu Bakar(pbuh) should be the leader. This caused a split which is now called Shia and Sunni. Shia believe that Hazrat Ali(pbuh) should’ve been the leader and Sunnis believe that Hazrat Abu Bakar(pbuh) should be the leader.

-Eid Al-Milad al Nabi: This Eid is important because it is Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

What do Muslims do on Eid?

All around the world, Muslims celebrate Eid by praying, dancing,eating, participating in festivals and most importantly, spending time with their loved ones.

What did I do on Eid?

Overall, I had fun time on Eid yesterday. I took many pictures with friends and family. We danced, prayed, and enjoyed the entire day. After praying, we watched a Bollywood movie called Sultan. We booked the entire theater for our friends and it was so much fun. After that I ate at Chuy’s. It was a fun-filled day in general. Also, shoutout to one of my best friends, Muskaan! She has a blog channel and you all should follow her! https://muskaanmsite.wordpress.com. Don’t forget to follow if you’re new, like, and comment!

IMG_1324.JPG    IMG_5240.JPG.jpeg

Love you all,

Niha Mitha

Shop With Me for a Day!!!

Hello everyone!!

This blog will be all about how I spent my Saturday. Today, my cousin, mom,sister and I got up and decided to go to Victoria’s Secret. I had a coupon and wanted to buy stuff. When we went to Victoria’s Secret, we realized that the Semi-Annual sale was still going on. Even though the sale has been going on for days, we still were able to buy so much! Afterwards, they all went to Your Pie with my dad and dropped me at Sprouts because I am fasting. Went around Sprouts and explored.I bought this macchiato granola.My sister said it tastes like coffee flavored granola, so I am excited to try it when it is time to finish fast. Anyways, when my mom picked me up, she said “Niha we’re going back for shopping!” I was so happy! We then went to Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret. We bought more and enjoyed shopping! Overall, I am blessed because I get I have so much. I am so grateful for everything and everyone in my life. It’s a blessing. My word of advice is that you should always be grateful. Always smile and be happy. It was so much spending time with my sister, mom and cousin!163D7B92-7B22-4C06-98D4-9E5F8293933D

Hope you all loved my blog and love you all,

Niha Mitha


How To Make Your Own Acai Bowl

Hello everyone!! This blog will be about how to create your own Acai Bowl! Acai Bowls are really thick smoothies in a bowl. Also, you can add topping. For example, you can add granola, peanut butter, and berries.  Earlier this week I decided to make one after a long day of fasting. During the month of Ramadan, I usually fast. When I went to Kroger, I found Acai and was motivated to create a bowl. Now lets get started!!FullSizeRender


Bananas(both regular and frozen)




Acai (Frozen packs)




Silk Dairy Free Yogurt(Thats what I used, but you can whatever type of yogurt you like)



Blender  (Can be found on amazon)



  1. Put the Acai berry Packet,frozen banana and 1/4 Silk Dairy Free Yogurt in the blender.
  2. Blend everything till it is smooth
  3. Afterwards, get a bowl and pour the entire thick smoothie in the bowl
  4. Get your desired topping and arrange them
  5. Take a lovely picture and enjoy your Acai Bowl!


5 Things to Do Over the Summer At Home!!!!!

Summer is here!!!It’s that time of the year when everyone goes on vacation. I love to travel, but I also love to enjoy my Summer at home. Here are 5 tips you should try to have a fun filled Summer even in your hometown!!!

  1. GO SWIMMING!!!!benchwarmers885x544low

Go to your neighborhood pool with friends and family!!! It is always fun to go swimming and another bonus is you get your exercise in while swimming. Also, find a local lake or beach near you and enjoy there! It’s always fun to be in the water.

2. Start a new TV series!!!!netflix-sign

Usually on a boring day, I watch Netflix.Even though itmay not seem exciting, but it’s always fun to watch a new TV series. Also, it helps keep a conversation with others.You can always catch up with friends while talking about a TV series. In fact, arrange a day to  watch a TV series a whole day. For example, finish watching 13 Reasons Why.

3. Hang out with friends!


This is a perfect time to hang out with friends! Catch up with an old friend this summer. Go Bowling,Swimming or just grab a lunch together! I love having out with my friends:)

4. Go on a road trip


I love going on road trips!! Though we travel internationally a lot, I still get excited when going on road trips. It can even be a two hour drive, but it is always fun!

5. Go watch a movie


Go to the movies and watch a movie!! I love watching movies. It’s always fun watching different movies.Go find a movie,eat some popcorn, and enjoy!


Hope you all have fun during the Summer. Don’t always stay at home. Go shopping, watch a movie, or hang out with friends! Make this a memorable summer.

Love you all,

Niha Mitha


Highlight of My Weekend

Hello everyone!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I apologize for not being able to blog a lot. I have been busy this entire weekend. Firstly, I took the ACT on Saturday. Here are some helpful tips for the ACT.

1)Use Khan Academy. It is really helpful

Khan Academy is a website which shows lessons for math,science,physics,and many other subjects.This website provides videos with a really easy way to explain the entire curriculum.

2)Buy a book for ACT practice. It usually gives many tips and helps a ton.

I used Princeton Review ACT book. Honestly, the books gave me an idea on what I needed to work on. There are many books other than Princeton related to the ACT. Buy a book it is worth it.

3) Use ACT test preparations located on the ACT website. It gives ideas on the format of the test.            

You can also take quizzes on the ACT website itself. They provide practice for the test. It shows an idea of how the ACT will be. The book is the same also,but the more the better:)

4)Sleep early the night before and eat a good breakfast.

It is important to have energy for taking the ACT. THis is why eating and sleeping are important.

5)Chew gum during the ACT!

This helps you concentrate! Also, Science Daily states that Chewing gum can help you stay focused for longer on tasks that require continuous monitoring.

These are some tips from me!! Also, we went to Atlanta that day. We went to pick up my cousin who is living in Atlanta. After picking her up, we went to Patel Brothers. This is a whole market for Indians. It is an entire complex filled with many small boutiques for indian dresses, restaurants and markets. We shopped in the market then went and ate at Chat Patti. We ordered lots of food like Chaat,Dosa and Samosa. We then came home and watched some TV and played games.

Now today I was with friends at a camp which we participated in. It was fun and knowledgable. Afterwards, we went to some food festival in my town. It was fun trying new food. I came home to some delicious Pani Puri which ended my day for today

I hope all of you guys liked this blog and would appreciate feedback.

Feel free to contact me. I will end the blog by asking you all a question and just

feel free to contact me or comment below the answer:)

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

Love you all,

Niha Mitha

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